Lake Ouachita Fish Species

What Species of Fish can be found in Lake Ouachita?

Spawning temp for each Species of Fish


  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Spotted Bass (Kentucky)

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True Bass

  • White Bass
  • Striped Bass
  • The Hybrid Bass is not stocked into Lake Ouachita.


  • Blue catfish
  • Channel catfish
  • Flathead catfish
  • Bullhead / Mudcat


  • Black crappie
  • White crappie


  • Bluegill
  • Green sunfish
  • Longear sunfish
  • Redbreast sunfish
  • Redear sunfish
  • Warmouth / Goggle-eye

Carp, Drum, Buffalo and Minnows

  • Common carp
  • Grass carp
  • Drum
  • Buffalo
  • Texas shiner
  • Golden shiner
  • Blacktail shiner
  • Red shiner
  • Fathead minnow


  • Alligator gar
  • Longnose gar
  • Shortnose gar
  • Spotted gar

Chain Pickerel

* Rainbow Trout



  • Alligator gar
  • Longnose gar
  • Shortnose gar
  • Spotted gar


  • Threadfin
  • Gizzard

Lake Ouachita is located in Garland and Montgomery Counties, Arkansas,
13 miles west of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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