Lake Ouachita Hunting

Lake Ouachita and the surrounding Ouachita National Forest provides excellent hunting opportunities.

The Hardwood ridges and coves that surround Lake Ouachita provide a healthy population of Big Buck Deer, Turkey, Squirrels as well as the Black Bear.

Public hunting and trapping is permitted on Corps of Engineers property at Lake Ouachita which includes 20,000 acres around the lake except in developed recreation areas, near the dam and associated structures, and any other locations marked as prohibited.

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The boundary of Corps property is marked by yellow paint blazes on trees.
“No Hunting” areas are marked by three red paint spots on trees and associated signage.

“Permanent blinds”, stands or other structures are prohibited on Corps property.
Hunting stands may be erected for up to 14 days at a time and must be moved to another location more than 200 yards away if the hunting trip continues. All stands must have the owner’s name and address permanently affixed.
Remove stands from the forest at the end of the hunting season.

The placement of nails or spikes into trees or the cutting of trees is prohibited.

Firewood cutting is restricted to dead, downed stuff.

Duck blind permits can be obtained at the Lake Ouachita Field Office for $15.00.

The possession of loaded firearms is prohibited within recreation areas.

Posting of “No Hunting” signs, purple paint or hunting club signs on Corps property is prohibited.

Taking any vehicle around gates, or driving over or around established restrictions such as dirt berms is prohibited.
The use of ATV’s on Corps property is prohibited except in designated areas..

The interference of public hunting on Corps property by adjacent hunting leases is prohibited, however members of the public do not have permission to access Corps property across adjacent posted private property.

Hunting maps for Lake Ouachita are available at the Lake Ouachita Field Office by request.

Camping is pretty much unrestricted on Lake Ouachita.
Pick an island or secluded waterfront shoreline for an experience you won’t soon forget.

The north shore of the lake is farther from population centers and harder to reach than the south shore, so it generally receives less hunting pressure.
But no matter where you hunt on lake Ouachita, you’re going to be surprised at the low hunting pressure.

Lake Ouachita is surrounded by the 1.6 million acres Ouachita National Forest.

Marinasresorts and boat ramps are scattered around the lake.

Lake Ouachita Camp Site List

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