Spybait Fishing Lake Ouachita

The Japanese Technique of “Spybaiting” ( the technique of Silent Capture) is an Ultra-Finesse Hard Bait Technique using light line, long casts and in-line retrieves using a sinking style bait that can be crawled back to the boat.

Where can I buy Spybait lures?
The Lucky Craft Screw Pointer and Storm Arashi Spinbait – Black Silver Shad have been developed for the art of spyfishing.

DUO Realis Spinbait has lures designed exclusively for Spybaiting. The compact yet heavy body harbors a fixed ballast system made to increase trajectory and improve target orientation and provide a heavy roll action. Spinbait also possesses specially designed cupped propellers, which provide more pulsation at slower revolutions.
This combination emulates the shimmer-effect of baitfish.

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What is Spybait Fishing?
Bass fishing the Clear water of Lake Ouachita often confounds anglers and forces them to look for new techniques the bass haven’t seen before. So drop down in line size use smaller lures, Make longer casts and learn the Japanese art of Spybaiting.

What are Spy Bait Lures?
It is a sinking, suspending hard bait with 2 small props on either end of the bait that is shaped in a way that the bait wobbles as it sinks. The props are setup to start spinning at very slow speeds. The Spinbait Lures used in spybait fishing presents a different look for the fish because of the combination of propellers and sinking nature.
It resemblance a suspending twitch bait or jerkbait but the technique involves no twitching.

What is the Fishing Technique of Spybaiting?
Make a long cast, count the bait down (the baits are designed to sink at about a foot a second) to the depth you think te fish are and then start reeling it slowly in trying to keep the bait in the depth range you want. What brings the bait up is resistance in the water. The higher diameter lines will pull the bait up. While too heavy a fluorocarbon will pull it down where it can get hung.
Just point your rod tip at the lure and slow reel, trying to avoid contact with the bottom or cover but keeping it down in the water column where you think the bass are foraging.

Perfecting the technique requires concentration and steady slow retrieves after the cast.
With that being said work on creating your way to fish it.

What Gear do you Need?

High quality, very responsive rods in the medium-light to medium action gives you an advantage of keeping big fish pegged on a relatively small lure with small hooks. The rod flexion and forgiveness keeps hooks from tearing free. A good setup is a drop shot rod with line no larger than 8-pound-test. Any heavier and the action of the lure is adversely affected.

The high-end spinning reels and casting reels offer superiority and more precise drags and componentry.

The use of high quality fluorocarbon will give limited elongation, better sensitivity and better ballast management.
The fluorocarbon works in unison with lure as guiding ballast.
It helps the small lure keep course.
Light or buoyant lines increase lures variance in travel (which is desired in some presentations and lures).

What is the best time to use the Spybait technique?
The Spinbait technique is effective in the fall as well as in dropping water temps.
Once the fish set up in winter conditions wait for stable winter conditions, where a week of stable water is present.

The origin of Spybaiting is rumored to have occurred around Lake Biwa in Japan around 2007/ 2008.
At that time versions of using a lure with propellers took on names like “pro-bait” and “screw-bait or Bi-hadou (also known as micro-wave)”. During that time anglers were attaching propellers to many different lures: swimbaits, jerkbait-bodied lures, even jig-heads.

Spybaiting appeals to larger fish in how subtle and natural it looks. Big fish are generally less aggressive and tend to feed with a defensive behavior. The Spybait spinbaits lures are very subtle, so they don’t spook big fish. Every aspect of the action, from the fall to the retrieve, was designed to mimic baitfish as closely as possible, from fleeing to rest.

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